big yacht charter Croatia

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Leaving the sleepy Komiza city in the morning yachts go round the west tip of Komiza Island and then bound northeast again. In the channel between Komiza and Palmizana Islands tons can see the fortunate sailors. There are numerous small bays along Palmizana Island's rocky south shore so locating the one that is right isn't simple. Drop anchor in the bay (13 nm) and take a line to the coast. If you're in time set foot on coast and walk in the canyon up to the Blaca hermitage. This is lying elementary school of the early inhabitants and high on the hill side and encaves an intriguing astronomical museum. This museum is about 2,5 kms from the bay and you demand abt. 45 minutes walk. Don't forget the museum closes at 5 p.m. here

Spend this peaceful night under the stars that are shining. And came back to our yacht which we chartered few days ago.

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