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Nowadays most of old to educated to create a the best a good future. We realize, that education can be one of these factors which should us to push great work satisfying earnings, and that is associated with it amazing life equally in the plane career as too personal . When decide to university , we have fairly large difficulties specific direction. For people which digit never caused larger problems and mathematics coped quite well the choice sometimes also composite, because her knowledge in any way manage. very much people have a ability opting for it to study marketing but not lack as well people, for which accounting is ideal way to do it to gain a future work and and safe stable situation on the labor market. course is not every time and everywhere accountants can count on proper treatment their challenging work and possessed competencies undoubtedly Norwegian accountant is much better than than the one that works in our home country. So why or lot leaves. The borders of their country can expect frequently much attractive conditions at work and opportunity gain work in better conditions and very friendly environment, the this because almost every Norwegian accountant becomes our compatriot model and the this image encourages decision departure. In Norway be count on a really wonderful conditions possibly because a lot of people it sees its future.Everyone would like to have quiet and arranged force suitable paid quiet Posada and interesting life sociable . Not be but hide , I to all other components focus concentrate usually at the moment , keidy able we achieve stability stabilization on the job . Making work in someone in any case associated of certain problems , since constantly we have on together at least one supervisor that evaluates our work and states and what how must do. It is not difficult however is not see fact , that very much is individuals that conclude , that is not full meet their expectation . Course , can have a not bad work but most people feel that they are so so independent that she would like would prefer not to have several superiors who will criticize our actions actions while they very often do not have the faintest idea about their work. Definitely should also take into account the different kwestię- work with someone it means that not only are we working nudity imposed. We know It is known that they do not earn more than the amount on our agreement. And finally yet many people successfully leading the company and them pretty well it goes. But why, for example, , for example, the Norwegian company is for many people the prospect of a little scary? But in Norway, there are a lot of much better by the Norwegian company to function. Unfortunately, part of the a lot of people afraid of the language barrier, ignorance of the culture of the people of this country. But But those who run the risk of never regret because it's really very beneficial idea.

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