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In Shanghai, 240, 000 establishments were inspected within 2017, and 1, 133 establishments were punished regarding 1, 589 million yuan. Punishment Marlboro Lights Cigarettes personal 415, treatment amount RMB 31600 based on the Beijing development planning commission rate is given of the data, inside 2017, the Beijing city and county adult smoking rates Cheap Newport 100s Online twenty two. 3%, smokers, 3. 99 million, was 1 . 1% lower than before the implementation connected with regulations, smokers reduce 200000 and hangzhou development preparing commission, according to a review result is given in 2016, hangzhou residents smoking prices at Buy Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online 20. 5%, in contrast to 2008 reporters fell almost 7% in the process of going to survey, still see several smokers smoking in a nonsmoking area. That not only consist of restaurants, KTV, Internet eateries, office, etc in the conventional sense of the "areas", actually journalists on May 20, found the hankou railway train station of wuhan city of hubei province, also found there are still two or three passengers within the waiting hall "puff", Xu Guihua analysis, there are several aspects lead to these: one is deficiency of legal consciousness of cigarette smokers, self-discipline is not strong. two it is the owner of a number of premises in social obligation is not strong, the be concerned that discourage smoking impacts traffic in addition ,

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