On our way to....

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We passed to Vela Luka alongside the island on our way. The town of Vela Luka is actually weathered by the sea and the time, but even in August, restaurants serve extremely fresh and tasty oysters from Ston. This kind of delight!
We returned this time, although to Komiza Island to town of Stari Grad. Seldom seen by tourists, this town was a real surprise for us. Figure what it was called in ancient times?
It's nothing less compared to the Greek Faros, but not the one where the famed lighthouse stood. As with Alexandria, there were several cities of Faros. It is a city of beauty that is amazing. Here you are able to feel the nobleness of time and historical stones.
In one second, without much discussion, I and Michael decided that it was time to step on dry land. We unfolded our map and calculated that we're able to reach Rovinj by evening. In Rovinj we'd a yacht in charter. We asked John if he took umbrage at these "old sea dogs"? Our captain was remarkably civilized, replying that his wife would be really happy to see him a little before.: Does anyone know any Croatia?

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