Cartons of Newport 100s Wholesale different forms

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adhere to the "four self-confidence". For this purpose, the agent should do the following work:

Is to focus on playing the "emotional card". Pay close attention to the patron's physical and mental health, rather than merely assigning tasks to the consumer. To properly through the mobile phone, WeChat, QQ, friends class and other Cartons of Newport 100s Wholesale different forms for you to care about the physical and mental wellness of customers in the area, the first time in promoting to them about "COVID 19" prevention and control expertise Wholesale Newport Cigarettes and prevention and manage strategy, to put the mental and physical health of customers and their young families in the cigarette marketing function in Newport 100s Cigarettes the first place. Let the customer experience cozy, feel comfortable. In order to close typically the psychological distance with the buyer manager, and then trust in addition to support the cigarette advertising work.


Next want to advise the customer to undertake storefront disinfection. The account manager should teach the customers to conduct disinfection and ventilation of the shop every day.

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